Our Story


BMC Group – Bridging Malaysians with Connections to the latest tech and innovations
A market leader in all our initiatives CamWorld, BMC Collections, and BMC Luxury Collection – one simple philosophy sets the tone to all that we do: to continuously innovate in People, Product, and Practices so that all members of society have access to all of what innovations and technologies have to offer in an exciting time where anything is possible!


Where We Began

Bintang Maju Commercial Sdn Bhd, or more affectionately known as Bintang Maju, has deep roots in the Klang Valley retail market. Starting as a small shop lot in 1984, the purpose was to bring the latest electronics and gadgets to customers at the best price possible, coupled with seamless customer care.


Where We Are Now

After over 30 years, Bintang Maju has evolved to cater the ever-growing needs of consumers, corporate clients, and government sectors, offering a wide range of quality-assured electronics, tech gadgets, home and kitchen appliances, home healthcare products, and luxury watches from popular global brands, including Samsung, Canon, Panasonic, GoPro, Tefal, Garmin and Marshall. We are committed to bringing you all the trimmings you need to live your best life.